Dating is an American as hot dogs, baseball, and apple pie.  From early adolescence the media, peers, and even parents teach romantic relationships are not only normal, but expected.  Unfortunately these expectations lead to great anticipation with little direction, causing students to struggle physically and emotionally in their dating relationships.


Students and parents are looking for direction, and now YOU have the opportunity provide the answers to their questions!

Songology looks at the life of Solomon through the Old Testament book, Song of Solomon.  This study allows students and parents to understand Solomon’s Vintage Wisdom on friendships, dating, and sex – thus the name Songology, the study (ology) of Song of Solomon (Song).


We’ll answer questions students and have parents have like:

  1. What kind of person should you date?
  2. How do you know when you are ready to start dating?
  3. What’s the difference between dates and dating?
  4. How do keep from going too far?
  5. How can you enjoy relationships with the opposite sex without all the headaches?


The weekend is designed with four major components:

  1.  Exegetical Biblical Teaching – Life changing power is found only in the Word.  Creativity and application will definitely be used and given, but the primary emphasis in on God’s Word.  It’s amazing to watch Scripture come alive and the relevance to relationships in the 21st Century is embraced.


  1. Small Group Material – Students tend to validate Scripture through their own experience rather than allow Scripture to validate their experiences. The small group material allows the leaders to facilitate discussion, clarify questions, and stay focused on the vintage wisdom found in Scripture.


  1. Leader Training – All small group leaders will receive in-depth training of the material to be presented to the students in order to effectively lead their small group time.


  1. Parental Involvement – Parents are mandated by Scripture to be the spiritual disciples of their children but most feel inadequate in having these important spiritual conversations.  Songology can be enhanced by including a pre-weekend Parent Gathering and/or an interactive parent/student discussion guide for all students who attend Songology.


Q: Is this material OK for Jr. High Students?

A: Jr High students are saturated by media and peers with various kinds of pressure especially when it comes relationships with the opposite sex.  Because Songology focuses on Solomon’s  healthy approach to friendship and dating, it’s a great subject for Jr High students.  The physical intimacy discussed is in the context of Solomon’s marriage and is handled in a way to honor the students, parents and the church.

Q: Is this material OK for a mixed group of students?

A: The large group teaching sessions are designed for active listening as opposed to group discussion or a question/answer forum, therefore everything communicated is controlled by the Songology teacher.  Knowing mixed groups (both Jr High/Sr High and male/female) would be together, great care was given in composing the teaching.  The small group material and discussion is designed specifically for same sex groups.

Q: How does the Parent Material Work?

A: The parent material, Talk Back is a prescriptive exercise lasting three weeks designed to generate discussion and deepen the relationship of parents and their student(s).

Q: Can we use this material as a Disciple Now or as a one day event?

A: Songology is easily adaptable for any situation or any size group.  It does work best in a Disciple Now type format that allows for discussion and processing of the material.

Q: Can we just offer something for parents, or does it have to be for the students?

A: The strength of Songology is it can be tailored to fit the need of each individual church.  So offering the parent seminar is a possibility.  It is discouraged because the curriculum for parents is designed to support and work with the student material.

Q: Is there a booklet that a student uses to follow along during the sessions?

A: Every participant receives a book to use during the conference that also has follow up devotionals to use afterwards.

Q: Your promo material says you offer training to small group leaders.  How exactly do you train our leaders?

A: Once again the strength of Songology is its adaptability to the church.  Ideally, the small group leaders’ material is sent to the leaders several weeks before the event.  Before the date (for example; the Friday morning a Disciple Now begins) an individual from the Songology staff will meet with leaders for 2-3 hours to give a detailed overview of the scriptures and small group activities.

Q: Does this material lend itself in doing a sexual purity ceremony at our church?

A: If a church would like to incorporate a sexual purity ceremony as part of the event, it is easily worked into it.  Many groups have found it is more beneficial to schedule a sexual purity ceremony a few weeks following the event so families have extra time to process.  This allows the commitment to be cognitive, emotional and inspirational.

Q: Does Songology send someone to our church to teach this material?

A: Absolutely!  The teaching and application found in the biblical book, Song of Solomon, has taken years to develop.  All sanctioned Songology teachers have been exegetically taught the passages used. In addition they have been mentored in the developmental stages of the students.

Q: If we use this material as a Disciple Now, can you suggest a possible schedule?

A: A preferable schedule has been developed that participating churches are encouraged to use.

Q: Can we change the suggested schedule to fit our Disciple Now weekend?

A: Yes! The goal of Songology is to serve the local body of Christ through the teaching  of scripture and providing a turnkey event that adapts to the needs of the church.

Q:Do you have any excerpts of sessions available to see or hear online? 

A: We are working on that!  Our goal is to have some video excerpts very soon.

Speaker Bio

Keith Smith

 has been married twenty years to his beautiful bride, Denise. They have two two great kids who God humorously made completely different! Jordan, his son is finishing his senior year in high school and making plans to attend University of Arkansas . Alex, who is a junior, is active in cheerleading and everything else that involves being around people and having a good time.

In addition to his BA in Speech Communications from Texas Tech University and his Masters in Religious Education from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Keith has been personally mentored though the biblical study of Song of Solomon by Tommy Nelson, a highly regarded teacher and pastor.

After 25 years of teaching and counseling students and families through joys and hardships of relationships, Keith has a deep passion for students to experience relationships with the opposite sex in the fullness and healthiness that God designed. He believes the biblical wisdom found in the literal interpretation of the Song of Solomon, offers relevant directions for today’s students and their families.


I want Songology to come to my church!  What is included in the price of Songology?

  • Turn Key Event – Saving YOU Time, Money, and Resources
  • Experienced Teacher
  • Small Group Leader Training
  • Student Study Guides
  • 3 Weeks of Student Devotionals
  • 3 Additional Follow-Up Group Bible Studies
  • Access to the Songology Logo for Printing and Advertising

Prices for events are quoted based on the actual details of your event and the number of participants.  Contact us for a price quote!

Optional Products and Seminars:

  • Parent Seminar
  • Parent/Student Materials
  • 3 weeks of interactive materials used to facilitate discussions.
  • T-Shirts

Prices for the optional items quoted by request.

Songology is a non-profit ministry.

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